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Group benefits


  • Group benefit consultation
  • Online open enrollment platform
  • Competitive premium
  • Extra coverage such as acupuncture

Our Core Service

Group Benefits

E Benefit Solution Inc is the one of fastest growing independent insurance brokerages in the U.S. We provide risk management solutions to help protect what matters most. We tailor-match group benefits for our client’s to prepare their employees for the unexpected. 

Cost Management

We offer cost management strategies that support your business goals. We can identify areas where current coverage and claims are negatively impacting the firm’s bottom line.

Whether fully insured or self-funded, we will help you create a tailored cost management guidance so you can achieve sustainable results. We will look in depth to your organization and determine if you are ready to move to an alternative funding solution.

Self-insured health plans have become an increasingly attractive healthcare cost management option for all types of organizations. This program allows organizations to better manage benefits costs while offering employees a plan that best suits their needs.

A plan with a higher deductible has a lower monthly premium, but you pay more health care costs out of your pocket before the insurance company starts to pay its share. A high deductible plan (HDHP) combined with a health savings account (HSA), allows you to pay for certain medical expenses with tax advantaged medical savings.


Laws are constantly changing and it is difficult for organizations to stay on top of the latest developments in benefits administration. It is our priority to make sure you are always in compliance with employee benefit laws.

We actively communicate the latest compliance data to our clients through email alerts, blog posts, webinars and seminars. And our compliance team assists with 5500 filings, leave and absence policies, SPDs, wrap documents, 1094/1095 ACA reporting, COBRA administration and much more.

Whether your organization offers fully insured health plan, a self-insured plan or a consumer-driven plan,we will offer you solutions designed to help keep your employees and your company – healthy and safe.

Client Engagement

We deliver a Comprehensive Communication Platform for our clients. We believe employee communication is a central component of having a successful benefits program. Your employees are able to see their benefit plan summary, ID cards through the phone and laptop.To help keep your employees happy and healthy, we work with you to understand your pain points and see the big picture.

Voluntary Benefits

Additional voluntary benefits can be offered to your employees without added cost to the company. E Benefit Solution works with you to design a program tailored for your organization, presenting a well-planned roll-out, itemized communications and managed enrollment. We offer Voluntary life insurance, Accident Insurance,Critical Illness/Cancer, Tele-health, and many more.