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Individual health plan


  • Major Medical Insurance
  • Dental, Vision, & Hearing
  • Comprehensive Accident Medical
  • Short Term Medical
  • Tele-medicine / Therapy
  • Prescription Drug
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Individual Health Plan

safe from unexpected medical bills

Flexterm Health

  • Unexpected illnesses and accidents happen every day, and the resulting medical bills can be disastrous.

  • FlexTerm Health Insurance helps to protect you from the medical bills that can result from unexpected Injuries and Sickness.

  • Safeguard your financial future with FlexTerm Health Insurance. It provides the peace of mind and health care access you need at a price you can afford.

    Look beyond 20/20 and see the full value of vision


    • If you don’t wear glasses, do you really need vision benefits? You bet. Eyesight changes all the time, and serious health problems can show early signs through your eyes.

    • So EyeMed membership makes it easy to get all-important eye exams.

    Peace of mind coverage

    Gap Coverage

    Extend your healthcare coverage

    • GAP Assurance provides cash benefit to offset your out-of-pocket costs for eligible expenses.


    Cover your expenses

    • Covers up to the benefit max for accidents and serious illnesses that can help pay a medical plan’s high deductibles, coinsurance, copay, & other out-of-pocket costs


    Protect your income

    • Payments go right to you. Use the money for whatever you need, like mortgage payments, credit card payments, car payments, day care, or business costs.

    24/7/365 on-demand access

    MD Live

    • MD Live offers 24/7/365 on-demand access to a national network of board-certified doctors and pediatricians that can diagnose, recommend treatment, and prescribe medication. Get the care you need, when you need it.