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  • Access to one of the largest networks & great savings
  • Modern plan designs that support the right care
  • Exceptional service experience
  • Backed by Metlife’s unmatched track record
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MetLife Dental Plan

Unexpected dental expense can lead to employees stress and distractions at work. We take dental benefits to the next level by providing access to a powerful network and deep discounts. So your employees feel protected, enjoy better overall health, and stay productive. 

Access to One of the largest networks & great savings with Metlife

So employees can get the care they need, locally and affordably

  • One of the largest dental networks in the country
  • Deep discounts due to negotiating power 
  • Rigorous in-network credentialing standards
  • All treatment patterns for in and out of network providers are analyzed via sophisticated data analytics to ensure they meet our standards
  • Low voluntary turnover rate (0.56%)improves network

Modern plan designs that support the right care

So employees can find plans that fit their needs

  • Open contract: we can add new dental services as they become coded without having to wait to amend the dental contract. Additionally, if a service is not specifically listed as excluded, it may be considered for payment
  • Modernized plan benefits based upon the latest clinical protocols and market demands
  • MetLife enhances plans 
  • Among the highest in-network utilization levels

Metlife +20 million individuals under its dental plans

So you can enjoy a simple and easy process

  • A one stop shop: we provide a full- service solution from enrollment to billing to service and renewal
  • A mobile app for your employees that allows them to access their benefits 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • Ongoing oral health education and wellness programs to keep your employees engaged
  • Fast claims processing
  • 97% participant satisfaction rate

    Backed by MetLife’s unmatched track record

    So you can feel confident in your decisions

    • MetLife works with 96 of the Fortune 100 companies and provides benefits to~40,000 employer groups
    • MetLife is the largest commercial dental carrier in the country
    • MetLife covers >20 million individuals under its dental plans