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new york low income health insurance


  • $0 – $20 Premium
  • New York State Sponsored Program 
  • Dental & Vision Available
  • Gym Reimburse
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New york

Essential Plan

Who is eligible to apply?

Any New York state resident who carries a valid visa can apply.

What factors determine the insurance cost?

Your annual household income and family size determine the cost of insurance. Please see the below table for reference.

Family # $0 Premium Per Month $20 Premium Per Month
Under $19,140/yr $19,140 – $25,520
2 Under $25,860/yr $25,860 – $34,480
3 Under $32,580/yr $32,580 – $43,440
4 Under $39,300/yr $39,300 – $52,400

When can I apply?

You can apply every month. The policy effective date will depend on your application submission date.

What are the benefits of Essential Plan?

Primary Care Physician / Specialist office visits, emergency room / Albulance use, surgery, prescription, and other basic medical benefits are covered. You can also enroll for dental and vision benefits.

Is Essential Plan an annual contract?

Yes, it is an annual contract that can be renewed each year.

Who is the insurance provider?

United HealthCare

Is Essential Plan considered a Public Charge?


What information is required to apply?

We need your basic personal information (name, date of birth, contact, etc.), home address, passport and visa information.

What qualifies for Gym Reimbursement?

You can get a refund for $200 payment within 6 month period. (Annual Max $400) You must visit the gym at least 50 times within 6 months. Receipts (or any proof of visitation) must be provided to the insurance provider in order to claim your refund.